Posted by: hlm227 | May 12, 2008

Things I have left to do

I start researching one thing for the bike, and then I realize I have 10 other things to do and I get distracted and don’t finish anything.  So, I am going to make one centralized list of everything I have left to do before I leave.

Tires – I am thinking of either Continental Top Touring, City/Trekking, Vittoria Randonneur or Schwalbe Marathon in either size 28 or 32. I’m going to try to wait until Performance or Nashbar has another sale to buy these.

Truck Rental/Storage – I still need to figure out what I am going to do with my stuff while I’m in Europe.


iPod battery charger

buy more memory cards for my digital camera

Bike lights

France and Spain map

France guidebook

Touring bike – I should have this sometime this week!

Panniers and racks – Hopefully I’ll have these by this weekend so I can start riding with them.

Finish Rosetta Stone Level 2

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