Posted by: hlm227 | June 10, 2008

Goodbye, America!

I am all packed up and ready to go!

I thought that you could carry a bike for free on all international flights, but I called the airline today and they said it was going to be 150 euros! So, I decided to use my couplers and took the bike apart. After many tries, I got it packed so I think it will be safe.

First, I lined the box with styrofoam. Then I laid the front half of the bike in and laid the rear wheel on top of it, cassette up.  My mom made cardboard covers for the couplers to protect them. 

I put my shoes, pedals, fenders, and water bottles in the space underneath the wheel.

Then I laid the rear half of the bike on top of that, along with the front rack and my saddle and seatpost.  I ziptied things together so they wouldn’t shift around in the box. 

Finally, I laid the front wheel on top.  My mom cut another large piece of styrofoam and we laid that on top of the wheel, and closed the box up.

I think that this is packed pretty securely, and I just hope that the TSA inspectors at the airport repack it well.  I printed these photos and taped them into the inside of the box so they would have a guide…

I packed 3 of my Ortlieb bags into a large plastic bag I had from my trip to South Korea, and I’m going to carry one of the large bags and my handlebar bag as carry on luggage.


  1. Good luck Heather!

  2. ahh crap. i can’t believe it all fit in that tiny ass box. u better get another box for my gifts.

  3. have fun heather
    i am jealous.

  4. The pictures will help you when you repack on your return…

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