Posted by: hlm227 | June 16, 2008

Day two in Corsica

The view leaving St Florent was magnificent.  Well, the view everywhere in Corsica is magnificent.  It was again a steady climb, and I was glad to have a triple crank. 

These roads were soooo curvy and it was so windy, with no guardrail, that I had to hold on tight and stay straight for fear of blowing off the side!  It was incredible.

I made it through and stopped at a beautiful beach.

I stayed at a beautiful house in Monticellu, close to l’isle Russe.

It was great.  My hosts, Vivi et Yon, from were very hospitabile and made a great dinner!!

distance 50.70

time 3.26.35

avg speed 14.72

max speed 47.37 km hr

Today I learned that a good meal makes climbing easier



  1. dont ever stop eating

  2. Heather, you look so very relaxed and happy. Good for you…

  3. Did you go in the water or was your hair wet from a shower?

  4. Heather – these all look great! Take a picture of your loaded rig so I can see what you are pulling. How is that bike treating you?

    Looks and sounds like you are having a great adventure. Keep posting and soak it all in.


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