Posted by: hlm227 | June 16, 2008

My Arrival in France


THe airport in Nice had a stand to put my bike together, which was awesome.  I was on almost no sleep, though, and there was so much to put on my bike that it took me about 3 hours.  I was very frustrated and almost wanted to turn around and go home.


But I finally got it together and was ready to go.

I spent two days in Nice and was able to walk around the city, thanks to my wonderful host, Christelle from Warm

I gave her a Laek House hat for her generous hospitality.

Nice was really beautiful and I was so glad to have the two days to get myself ready for my tour.  Christelle was the best host I could have hoped for!!!


  1. looks like you’re having fun!
    any idea how many lbs of gear you’re hauling up them thar hills?

  2. When they weighed my boxes at the airport, I think my bike was like 23 kg, including some random stuff like shoes = you can see in the photos. My bags were 18 kg. I want to go to a truck weigh station and weigh the whole thing but I have not found one yet.

  3. I think a truck weigh station would yell at you, at least they would in the states. That would be interesting to try.

    It’s cool you found such a nice host.

    Your bike looks really heavy, but you can do it.

    Nice pink handle bars.

    Stay hydrated!

  4. Finally getting a chance to carrouse your blog now that I have free internet for hours!

    THus, i wanted to say: Your Bike Is BEAUTIFUL!

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