Posted by: hlm227 | June 17, 2008

Porto day 2

I decided to stay in Porto for another day since I am lucky to be here in low tourist season, and there aren’t that many people here.  There’s enough for everything to be open, but not too much to be obnoxious.

I had a really nice morning on the beach but now it is raining so I came to an internet cafe, but they are so expensive here…8 euros an hour!!! 


The ride from Ile Russe yesterday was long.  I got an early start, which was good, because there was practically nothing from Calvi to Porto.  The route was absolutely beautiful, though.  I think I went through a national park of somesort.

leaving Calvi = leaving Calvi


 The roads were so windy, the cars beeped when they were coming around the corner to warn others.

I was so tired after climbing these huge mountains with all my heavy heavy heavy gear!!!

But I made it to the top and the descent was FUN!

Distance 113.65 km

time 6.56.22

avg speed 16.37 km hr

max speed 52.25 km


And now I am in Porto for the 2nd day but it is raining.



Thank you to everyone who is leaving me comments!!!  It makes me happy to read them.


  1. wow! those photos are amazing!

    ps – haven’t forgotten you yet!

  2. Yo heather that looks fucking awesome. Great to see you having such a good time.

  3. looks beautiful, i forgot there was a whole
    world out there. enjoy your freedom!

  4. Hi Heather, those mountains do look scary. Unbelievable how curvy the roads are. You look great -relaxed and happy. Nice talking to you today. You sound wonderful… Told people about your site… Maybe they will get hooked, too.

  5. The pics look awesome Heather, I hope you’re having a great time. Stay safe.

  6. Looking good!

  7. hey! it’s enb! safe travels! sorry i didn’t make your going away party. i am keeping up with u via flickr and blog. xo i love the self portraits of you all happy!

  8. This is awesome, easily one of my top five favorite things on the internet right now. Enjoy the hell out of your trip!

  9. Porto looks amazing! That water is so blue, it doesn’t look anything like the Gowanus.

  10. Awesome. I want to tour.

  11. when the hell does it start to get exciting??? 😀

  12. Heather, all the photos are so amazing.. I’m glad the food in your helmet wasn’t the MRE. I thought it might have been for a second. Be safe

    P.S. your moms awesome. She donated to my site the other day. only 30 days left to train.

  13. Hi Heather,
    Les photos sont magnifiques ! Et toi aussi 😉
    BRAVO pour avoir pris ta chance ! Quand je lis ton site, je me dis qu’il faut aussi vraiment que je fasse la même chose un jour… Tu me fais rêver !
    GO ON

  14. Hi Heather,
    Glad to hear your having a great time. I’m gonna go camping this weekend at Bear mt. and bought these ridiculously girly panniers
    Hope you have many more great adventures.

  15. 110, keeping chanting 110. ur almost mine.

  16. Can’t express in words how jealous I am of this tour of yours.

    Great blog!

  17. The trip looks so awesome so far! Awesome pictures and recaps. Thanks for keeping us New Yorkers in the know!

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