Posted by: hlm227 | June 19, 2008

How to cook while camping in 609 short steps

Rebecca bought me this cool stove, fuel and cookware, and since I stayed in Porto for 2 days, I decided to try to cook my own dinner.

A step by step guide to cooking: (Arielle, you asked for it!)

STEP 1: Buy the goods

STEP 2: Get water and set up the stove far away from the tent so you don’t burn it all down.

STEP 3: Light the fire then drink a beer.  Only in this order.

STEP 4, 5, 600: Wait for the water to boil.  Finish beer

STEP 601: Ready the corn

STEP 602: Wait.  Be glad you bought some peanuts.

STEP 603: Add another fuel cube

STEP 604: Pray

STEP 605: Get too impatient for the water to boil and just add the ravioli anyway.

STEP 606: Realize I don’t have anywhere to put the cooked ravioli

Can it go in the empty can of corn?

Nah, I’ll just drain the hot water into the lid and ‘soak’ the rest of the ravioli in that.

STEP 607: Don’t forget the corn!

What a mess!  What did I do to that pretty little stove?

STEP 608: ‘Wash’ the dishes (I forgot dish washing liquid.  It would probably be too heavy anyway.)

STEP 609: Be thankful.


  1. ha-ha !! I’m happy you used the pretty little stove. It’s supposed to get dirty and black. I hope you can find more fuel cubs if you need them.

  2. ahh i love ur cooking. remember when u cooked for will and i and that baby refused to eat meat. what a loser.

  3. do you talk to yourself when doing these activities? or have you invented an imaginary friend yet…

  4. Looks like you got it down!

  5. You are just too funny. Looks like you are having fun.

  6. haha, do I talk to myself? Well, not outloud, but I always have an internal voice going. I am trying to figure out how to turn it off sometimes.

  7. zomg. we should have taken you on a preparation camping trip.

    no worries though. another week in and you will be totally pro at everything. feel free to give/trade/mail home anything that isn’t working for you.

    concentrated biodegradable soap is a good buy. can wash your dishes, body, hair, etc depending on how you dilute it. biodegradable is important, otherwise it gets into people’s drinking water and give them the shits.

    i love your pictures, and the “leg pains” post was classic.

  8. Dr Bronners! I used it for everything on my tour.
    after a while, you can become a camp cooking expert.

  9. sounds and looks yummy

  10. How did you take the photo of you praying?

  11. OMG. I can’t believe you actually made ravioli. And sauce too? What is a ‘fuel cube’?
    Everytime I look at this blog it makes my day!

  12. Are Zoo-zoo and Ankle keeping you company? Do your friends know about them? CH0MB0 asked if you have created friends yet, I guess he doesn’t know… Hope you are enjoying their company.

    Mom told me about your bike situation. I hope you get that figured out. Be safe. I was scared for you, but I’m sure you’ll take care of yourself. I’m not sure if you had a tetanus shot, but Mom will check your records (I’m making here, right now).

    I definitely think you should get inserts that make your shoes more comfortable. Try to get something that is friction resistant and wicks away sweat. I bought a pair of sneakers that claimed to do that and I have been really happy w/ them.

    Good luck and keep pedaling!!!

  13. I typed “here” and meant HER in the last post. I hate typos!!!

  14. Oh man, I have been forgetting to follow along. This post cracked me up a lot, it totally reminds me of when I went camping and totally messed up the meals.

  15. Yum!

    If you’re near a stream or the beach, use sand or dirt to scour out your plates/pots/pans. You don’t need soap. Seriously. I was a Boy Scout!

  16. Looks like you’re having fun and eating well.

    I can’t believe Dylan is using your blog as pedestal to make fun of my eating habits. Actually I’m not surprised.

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