Posted by: hlm227 | June 19, 2008

Remember those mountains?

Yeah, those.  From Porto.  Way up in the distance.  I took a lot of pictures of them because I thought it would be the last time I saw them.

Little did I know…

That I would be climbing

and climbing…

yup, still clibming.  It was over 7 km to the top and it was absolutely stunning.  It is a UNESCO world heritage site between Porto and Piana.  I think its called Speluncula or something.

It was really gorgeous, and made the climbing worth it.

The descent, was, of course, too short and sooo beautiful.

This day was tough.  It was the first time my legs were tired when I stopped riding.  I made it to Ajaccio and camped there.  I rode my bike into town and only took one bag as a backpack.  It was the first time riding without all the weight and I could barely control the bike!  The handlebars were so twitchy.  It is going to be so weird coming back to my IRO.

Distance 84.05 km

Time 5.17.37

Avg speed 15.87 km/hr

Max speed 60.07 km/hr


  1. this is awesome, heather
    i’m really enjoying reading about your adventure
    i hope i have to opportunity to do something like this one day!

  2. Wow Heather – your mom talks about you everyday. I’m glad she told me about this site. You are living your life and that is awsome.

  3. super awesome,
    you’re the coolest,
    I love reading what you’re up to.
    happy riding!

  4. How’s the water Heather?

  5. the drinking water in Corsica is great. You can drink out of any faucet and there are fountains along the roads.
    the Mediterranean is nice too, sometimes a little cold, but it is so clear and sparkly!

  6. 37 miles per hour! Damn girl! Ur whipping downhill

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