Posted by: hlm227 | June 20, 2008

Day 7: More climbing from Porticcio to Propriano

Today had the steepest climbs yet.  My touring France book says there was a 10 percent grade.  I don’t really know what that means, but I had to get off and walk.  Pushing that bike is almost as hard as riding it up a hill.

I just couldn’t do it.

I was hoping this meant that my climbing was over, but it was not for me!

I was above the clouds…

I got into Propriano pretty early, around 4 I think.  I decided to stop because the town looked really nice and the bottoms of my feet were hurting.  I don’t know if I should buy insoles for those cycling shoes.  Anyone have advice on that?

 Distance 61.8 km

time 4.09.47

avg speed 14.84

avg cadence 58

max speed 48.35


  1. Hey Heather, I’m so envious of your trip! I just got back from my bike tour to/in Canada two days ago. It was just what I needed, to get away, far away, though it was a bit short, and not a scenic as your trip from the looks of it.

    I wish you well, and look forward to future updates.

    I get sore feet with I’m pushing it too hard, which I was doing a lot of when I first got my road bike, now I shift to an easier gear more often and spin more on the climbs instead of mashing up in a heavy gear, without much foot problems, I don’t know if this applies to your problem though.

    By all means try new insoles since it’s a fairly cheap and easy remedy, though with all the climbing that you’re doing, you may need a pedal with a larger platform or a stiffer shoe to remedy the problem.


  2. cheater!

  3. fini, pay attention, relax, enjoy

  4. what kinda music are you listening to on those uphills?

  5. Wow, above the clouds! Be strong, you’re going to be able to bike straight up mountains soon, and then you’ll come back to NY and be upset at how flat it is 🙂

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