Posted by: hlm227 | June 23, 2008

Day 10: Sartene to Bonifacio

It was soooooo hot today.  Someone told me it was 33 degrees celsius.

When I arrived in Bonifacio, I had to cool down so I ate a whole litre of ice cream.

I am at the southernmost point of the island and will probably stay here for another day so I can see the city, and then I plan to take the ferry to Sardinia.

distance 52.8 km

time 3.17.04

avg speed 16.08 km hr

avg cadence 62

max speed 64.95 km hr



  1. Bemeuller! Im so happy your muscles and large intestine didn’t fall out of your hole. You might need to sew up you v-g too. Sorry is that too inappropriate?? Go Go Go Go GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! you can dooo ittttttt – you are doing it!!! love, me

  2. Heather this site is real nice, I’m glad you are documenting this stuff so that I can see it all. Go for the gold!

  3. …so is the junkfood over there good or not????

    glad your leg is okay. watch that ice cream doesn’t come pouring out of there.


  4. When i toured i dont think i did the ice cream, that must have been a time when i didnt like it. but now i’m up to a pint a day.

  5. Ice Cream=good

  6. i woke up this morning wishing you where right by my side, so i went looking for you… and i went to the deli and the shop keeper told me that you went to Heaven… your in heaven….. and i went to the government office, and the mayor of this town told me you’d been to heaven… your in heaven…. and i didn’t believe these men… so i rode rode rode til the sun went down, and i finally decided to check your page, HEAVEN your in heaven… and then i feel asleep…. and i was with you in Heaven =)

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