Posted by: hlm227 | June 23, 2008

How did I get to sleep in such a luxurious tent as this?

I spent the night in this wonderfully large 2 person tent.


The day started out ok, with plans to go to Bonifacio. I felt that I was pedalling harder than I should be, though, and thought my front brake was rubbing on the rim. I squeezed the front brake, and it got stuck. My bike came to an immediate stop, and I started tipping over. I tried to unclip, but couldn’t, and the weight of the bike made it come down fast on top of me. I got up quickly, not wanting a car to stop and pity me. I thought I was ok and was about to start riding when I looked down to see…

aaaahhh! My leg is gaping open! All my muscles are going to fall out of the hole! I went over to a patch of shade and cleaned and bandaged it up, and started riding up the hill again. I realized that I would probably need stitches for it, so I stopped at a campground and asked if someone could take me to a doctor’s. I will admit I was mildly freaking out.

The owner’s son drove me to the hospital, where I got one stitch. All I could think of was sewing a ripped shirt together and it grossed me out that that was happening to my skin.

And I took this picture to show my mother that I was ok, in the hospital.

The owner’s son and girlfriend had waited for me in the lobby and drove me back to the campsite. I decided to stay there for the night, after talking to these two wonderful people, who said that I could stay in their extra tent so I wouldn’t have to set up my own.

They were so incredibly generous and nice, and I spent the day talking to them, and we had a wonderfully fresh and delicious dinner together.

The next morning, I realized what had happened to my brakes. The thing that I attach my handlebar bag had pressed on the cross lever cables, and made it get stuck. So I just moved the brakes a little wider out on the handlebars, and riding today was fine.


  1. ahhhh!!!

    damn it heather, the last time i went over my handlebars, they had to put ten screws in my collarbone to put it back together!!

    …it also doesn’t help that my other collarbone was broken at the time, but still! i worry.

    you’ve got some serious adventures you’re goin on out there and its really exciting and kinda uplifting to read what you’re up to. it seems like you’re doin’ enough ridng for both of us ; )

  2. Nice slice! I’m glad you got patched up right, and that you figured out what caused it in the first place.

  3. ugg facebreaker, didn’t i teach u how to glue ur skin together before u left. i knew i should have made u some drawings. what kind of med student friend am i.

  4. that looks nasty! glad you’re okay, heather!

  5. Now thats a REAL scar, your little crazy grandkids will be like, whats that grammy? And you can be all proud…

  6. Damn chic glad you are ok! i actually got concerned


  7. WOAH!! big gash. glad up and running so quickly.

  8. ugghhh looks really painful. Glad you’re ok girl. Keep that wound clean!!

  9. nice gash! such a tough cookie.

  10. Oh my, Heather! Thank you for letting me know first. Your sister wanted to come right over and get you.

  11. Glad to know you figured out what caused the brake to jam. “All you have to do is look.” Love ya.

  12. Mildly freaking out… I like that… I would have been upset, way to stay calm! Another story to tell…

  13. Holala ! quelle blessure ! La photo est impressionante !
    Contente de savoir que tu n’as rien eu de grave et que tu fais de très belles rencontres.
    J’ai hâte de lire tes aventures Sarde et j’espere te revoir à Nice lors de ton passage ;

  14. haha – i feel like im on the biking thing with you – this is great – u got the pics and everything right on point – is there somewhere on the site u put up a map of ure tour? like the path? that would be cool…hope ure leg is all good – that open cut picture looked so enticing, esp the middle cut… rachel came and left to atlanta – she was so sad she missed seeing you – i told her to look at ure site – holler holler

  15. yo man that’s crazy. so crazy. ahh. i wish i were there to sew it up for you.

    i’m sorry you got hurt but i’m glad everyone is being nice to you. it makes me soooo happy.

    i love reading your blog ❤

    i miss your face

  16. ahh i see what happened.
    you are doing it man.

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