Posted by: hlm227 | June 23, 2008

Propriano day 2: Beware the Super Marnier

I decided to stay in Propriano for another day because I am almost to the south of Corsica and will leave the island soon.  There was also a fish restaurant that looked really good that I hadn’t seen the night before, and I wanted to try it.

I tried to go to some bathhouse but it was closed for renovation.


I spent most of the day on the beach, but the fish in the Mediterranean kept following me and they scared me!


I went to the restaurant and ordered the Super Marnier. I got something totally different than I was expecting.

I thought they were playing a joke on the foreigner, so I tried to eat as much as I could but when the flies started landing on the abandoned heads and wouldn’t leave when I swatted at them, I decided I was done. I was sure that I was going to die that night of food poisoning, and was comforted when I saw that a table had ordered a round of 4 Super Marniers for everyone.

On the 21st of June, all the towns in France have a night of music to celebrate the longest day of the year.


  1. Wait, what is the Super Marnier? Is it like five fish just chilling on the plate?

    I googled it – your blog is the first hit for “super marnier”! No other information though.

  2. Musicians were also playing outdoors here on Saturday for Make Music NY.

  3. Did it taste good? How much did it cost?

  4. Looks like you’re having quite an adventure! Enjoy and be safe.

  5. Heather !!! i’ve been to the places your biking through.. sardina, cinque terra … looks like your havin a great time… i’ll try to get info from pamee on where you are goin next and give you a little insight if i been there.. looks like your having a blast though, lovin the pics , enjoy and be safe… ps. you dont need any toilet seats !

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