Posted by: hlm227 | June 25, 2008

Bonifacio Day 2

I stayed in Bonifacio for another day and had a really good time.  Bonifacio is such an amazing place

They call it either the Grand Canyon of Europe, or maybe just of France. I’m not sure and could be making that all up.
I took a boat out to an island that doesn’t have anything on it except for a lot of really cool rocks.

I am seeing a lot of the same people over and over in different towns. First the people that left the croissants, then just random people that I see in campsites.
There was a really nice woman who took a photo of me at some small pit stop (my english is starting to fail me) and I saw her again on the island, Lavezza. She remembered me and took another photo of me, and is very professional about it. I told her about the site and said I would put up the story of how we met twice, and she said she would get out the tissues.

Bonifacio is really beautiful at night. I can’t believe how they’ve built the buildings right into the side of the cliff.

I walked down these stairs that were built right into the side of the cliff, I couldn’t really understand the story but I think they’re from when the king of Spain was trying to invade Corsica in the 15 or 1600’s, but again, I could totally be making that up. They’re called the Stairs of Aragon, or Roy d’Aragon if anyone wants to do some googling.

These are the stairs from farther away.

Bonifacio was awesome, and I’m glad I stayed there for 2 days to get to see the town.


Thanks to everyone who’s been commenting, I really love reading them and knowing that you’re looking at my site!

My leg is doing fine.  It never really hurt, and I think the picture I took of it exaggerates the wound.  I only needed one stitch for it.  I went to the hospital in Bonifacio yesterday to get the dressing changed and it looked fine. 

I am in Sardinia now, I took the ferry over this afternoon, and I can’t understand what anyone is saying!  I kind of wanted to turn around and go back to Corsica, but I will go forward.  I think I’m going to take the ferry to Livorno tomorrow, which is on the northern coast of Italy, so I can see Cinque Terre.


  1. Absolutely beautiful Heather! We all wish we were there right now.

  2. These are just fantastic! Those stairs! Those rocks! That blue! Just so peaceful-looking. You are definitely getting a tan. Thanks for these photos. Who are the men next to you? They look nice. too. Love you, MOM

  3. coucou c farid tu est parti san me dire je te fait un gros bisou

  4. You look like Mimi in that last shot!

  5. you look so thin. almost 110lb thin. i won’t say anymore for fear that peggy will think differently about me.

  6. trying to reach you via phone

  7. that staircase is amazing!

  8. Hey, I know this doesn’t relate to the current topic, but I’ve been thinking about how much weight you’re carrying. I rode my bike to work each day, and when I was tired, or not pushing myself I’d remind myself that it was nothing compared to what you’re doing.

    Check out this site when you have time:

    I’m looking into getting a rack b/c I would like to not have to carry a bag on my back. You’re right about the sweat factor. I’m thinking if I can decrease that then I may be able to bike to work during the regular school year.

    If you have time to provide any advice that’d be cool. I’m researching it, so I’ll probably figure it out.

  9. I have Tubus racks and Ortlieb bags. They are expensive but strong. It is nice to not have to worry about your stuff when you are riding. Call Jhonatan at City Bikes.
    38 b-t 8th and 9th in Manhattan. He’s used to being pestered by me so you should not be a problem.

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