Posted by: hlm227 | July 1, 2008

Sestri Levante to Genova

Today was not as bad as yesterday.  There was a lot of climbing, but there were more downhills inbetween, instead of just one huge climb and huge descent.

I went back to Sestri Levante, which was about 2.5 km from the campsite. The town was really cute, with buildings like this

but then I looked closer and realized that the facades were just painted on! At least they did a good job of it and included shadows.

I don’t think I’ve put up a picture of me with my bike. Looks heavy, doesn’t it? At the airport, the bike box with a few random things like shoes weighed 23 kg. The bags were 18kg. Who wants to arm wrestle me when I come back to New York?

I got to Genova around 3:30 and hadn’t realized that it was such a large city. I didn’t stop because I wasn’t sure where the next campground would be and didn’t want to get stuck staying in a hotel.

I found a really nice campsite just outside of Genova, that was cheaper and cleaner than the night before. Each night is a gamble, I never know what the campsite is going to be like, but once I get there, I am too tired to look at anything and I don’t want to buy a campsite guide becasue its too heavy! It just adds to the adventure of it all though…

distance 74.09
time 5.07.18
avg speed 14.46
avg cadence 60
max speed 47.37


  1. arm wrestle.

    i’ll take you down. i’ve been lifting weights. and by weights, of course i mean cats.

    when are you going to spain?

  2. Sounds like some of your Italian ancestory is coming through. Cheiti, Italy is where your great grandfather was from. Hope the wound is healing. Take care.

  3. palm trees!? weird!

  4. Heather, hope everything is going well in Italy… I wish you the best! take tons of photos!
    And bring a lot of information because this could be useful for a group ride!!!

    take care,

  5. Cheiti, that’s the place !

  6. Arm wrestle? You’ re on.

  7. i dont understand how the facades are painted on – are there jus black rectangles instead of windows? thas a cruel joke yo…the sweaty pic of u is insane – its hard to remember u really going fast and are exhausted – im thinking la-di-da, heather on a bike, stopping and taking pictures and eating ice cream…u have any gelato in italy yet? damn i want some…HEATHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…bitches

  8. I just found the link to this from cyclehawk. Heather what an AWESOME adventure! I’m so impressed and I really enjoy all the pictures and details. Keep it up and stay safe!

  9. Great self portraits!
    Totally cool your self supported trip: The kind of spirit of adventure is totally brilliant, brave and inspiring. Good luck.

  10. I will arm wrestle you I await all challengers! Glad to see that this trip is totally awesome but when you come home I am sorry I wil just have to win!

  11. wait – that was me, not alice – this computer is messed up

  12. What about leg wrestling? Mom is still the champ at that!

  13. Genoaaaaa, did you get to try the pesto? It is famous there.

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