Posted by: hlm227 | July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July from Italy, France and Monaco

Well, there were no fireworks for me today, but there were two countries, a principality, and two awesome beaches.

my first view of France, while still in Italy.

I have done over 1000 kilometers since starting in Nice almost one month ago

And of course I had to stop at the first beach in France, in Menton.

Then I continued on to Monaco, and went to the beach there

monaco beach

Then met up with christelle, who is busy preparing for the monaco triathalon, and she let me keep my bike and bags in her office so I could see monaco. What an awesome lady!

I walked to the casino in monaco and up to the palace. I was SO glad to not be riding my bike.


And now I am staying in Nice for two nights. It is really nice to be off the bike and out of my tent at night, and….I even got to do my laundry today in a REAL washing machine instead of in the shower with me! What a treat!!!

distance 59 23
time 3 44 20
avg speed 15 84
max speed 44 93


  1. was it really almost a month ago that you left?? i have done absolutely nothing in that time.

  2. Luxe!

  3. not enough pics of the women on the bitch. stop being selfish. also, ur tan lines are magnificent.

  4. wow yo – i am so glad u are stopping at these beaches and going in the water! its looks absolutely beautiful…yes, i also am thinking how did heather get so lucky? it was a rainy fourth for us here – me and alice drank lots of coffee and watched movies and sobbed – or was that just me? hmmm…its okay im developing transporting powers – dont be scared when u see my face in the clouds! holler holler holler

    ps – ure humor remains impeccable

  5. isn’t it funny that pamee was crying and i wasn’t? how we’ve changed since you left!!!!

    joking i cried too. your life looks awesome. your tan looks awesome, though my mom would be sad that you aren’t wearing your sun screen.

    wanna move to california when you come back? BEACHES BITCHES> that’s where it’s at. but first, just come back to BK!!!!

  6. I never thought you’d say you were happy to not be riding!

  7. My sister was here!!!!! From the 2-6 i think…in Monaco…Do you have access to a phone?

  8. That ball mirror is partcularly magnificent…

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