Posted by: hlm227 | July 5, 2008

Oh yeah, I still need a weekend

I was TIRED today, and I realized that I had not taken a break from riding since coming to Italy 5 days ago.

The drivers in Italy are very aggressive, and the scooters drive me mad, passing at speed around tight curves, so I was anxious to get back to France and was pushing myself to ride far each day.

Today, though, I decided not to ride far and stopped in a beautiful spot, Alassio, and spent most of the day on the beach.

My pictures are just as good as the ones in the guides, right?

At the campsite, I met this cool Italian guy who did the PBP in 1999.  (the pbp is a route from Paris to brest to Paris over the course of 2 days or something insanely short like that.  Riders get little or no sleep.  Lee and Grant, two New Yorkers, did the Pbp last year.)

He only spoke Italian so communicating was difficult, but he’s done a bunch of tours, all around the world, and it was really cool to meet him.

This was the view from my tent and I was so glad to have stopped here.

and here I am wondering how I got to be so fortunate

distance 18 63
time 1 12 46
avg speed 15 38
max spee 30 76


  1. thats the nicest view ive ever seen from a tent

  2. What language did you try to use with him?

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