Posted by: hlm227 | July 16, 2008

Cavalaire to Le Pradet

Today I saw where they had the very first alleycat.

and then I went to the velodrome in Hyeres. It was my first time at a velodrome other than Kissena, and I was amazed to see how steep the banking was! I really wished I had my fixed gear so I could try riding on it. There had been a weeklong competition there that finished the day before I got there, and I was a little disappointed that I missed it.
Oh well, those firemen were cool.


I started feeling sick again so stopped in Le Pradet.

distance 61.94
time 3 59 53
avg spd 15.49
max spd 48.35


  1. Why are you feeling sick? Are you eating well? Are you eating your vegetables? If you feel nauseas try ginger tea.

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