Posted by: hlm227 | July 16, 2008

Goodbye, Coast!

I decided to leave the coastline, which was kind of a scary thing to do. Riding along the coast is easy because you always know if you are going in the right direction. The scenery is probably going to be really beautiful, and there are plenty of amenities because its all populated.

I turned inward from Le Pradet and was having a wonderful day.
I stopped to get lunch in Belgentier, and was so happy to have turned inland away from the coast. The climbing wasn’t bad, and there was SHADE!


I love how they have a ‘digestive break’

So I was having a lovely day, but then somewhere after La Roquebrussanne, the climbing started, but I was feeling good. I stopped on the climb to drink, and when I started again, I didn’t have the momentum, and I tipped over…and cut my leg on my chainring AGAIN!
I was soooo pissed, I probably would have thrown my bike off the mountain if it wasn’t so damn heavy. I wasn’t hurt, just mad because the first one had just healed.

Riding away, I was still upset, until I came to this view, and then I realized it was all worth it.
I had a great 5.5 km descent into Nans-les-Pins, where I stayed for the night.

distance 63 97
time 4 18 23
avg spd 14 85
max spd 44 93


  1. those mountains!!

  2. What a day and a half you had.

  3. Maybe you need shin guards. I can have Mom send you your soccer ones!

  4. i just bought u a chain guard. god u big sissy, how is it u keep falling on ur bike.

  5. Is that 85 euro price for real? so thats like 1.5 million right?

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