Posted by: hlm227 | July 16, 2008

I guess there aren’t that many fires in France

I spent the night in Cavalaire sur Mer and the firemen were putting on a show.  They were great, and it was cool to stumble upon the show.  I like finding stuff like this randomly rather than looking in a guide book and planning it out.


I thought it was really nice of them to praise me like this for all the biking I’m doing.

distance 70.33
time 4 22 47
avg spd 16.05
max spd 46.39


  1. the new york city bike community is planning something similar for when you return. they’re a lot skinnier though.

  2. ahhhhhhhhhh Heather…

  3. Looks like a good welcome dance for you. Did you join in?

  4. Absolutely Lovely.

  5. don’t believe all europeans look like that 😛

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