Posted by: hlm227 | July 18, 2008

Castellane to Digne-les-bains

I rode to Digne-les-bains today, to see the tour come through on Saturday.
There was one nice climb in the beginning, and then it was mostly flat.


The tunnels that they cut into the rocks are really fantastic


and I finally saw my first field of lavender! Digne is the capital of lavender, and they are having a lavender festival in August.


I started getting really excited about seeing the tour when I saw this sign.


distance 54.71
time 3 17 16
avg spd 16 64
max speed 47 37


  1. Hi Heather, Stella is sitting right next to me. She cannot believe that you have undertook this. Few people would ever do this along. You are amazing!!!!!!Hurry home and tell me more stories…

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