Posted by: hlm227 | July 23, 2008

If they have a name for it, it must be a big deal…

Today I battled the Mistral, a wind that blows through the Rhone river valley.
It was tough! Its strongest in the Spring, and supposedly drives people crazy.

I wound up in Avignon today and had no idea that the city is completely enclosed in a wall. I love being surprised like this, rather than planning something out from a guidebook.


Avignon is also known as the city of the Popes.


Avignon was also having their Off Festival, which is a one month long festival of shows and comedy acts. I saw two – the first was ‘La blonde, la belle, et la salope’ (the blonde, the beautiful, and the whore) and it was really difficult to understand. They talked so fast!
Then I saw Charli Encor, ‘To fou or not to fou,’ and it was really funny. I could understand him much better than the 3 women. He finished the act by getting on rollers and popping a balloon on his head.


distance 55 59
time 3 26 51
avg spd 16 12
max spd 49 32


  1. Have to learn more about the crazy wind…

  2. i have some crazy childhood memories of avignon and of mistrals sweeping through provence. i’m sorry i’ve been so mia i will send you an email soon telling you whats up but i miss you and love you<3

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