Posted by: hlm227 | July 23, 2008

Look at all the free crap I got!

I have never followed the Tour so I didn’t know what to expect.  I decided not to stay in the city to see the finish line because I really don’t like crowds.

I biked up to the last col of the day and waited.  The caravan came through around 4:30 and with all these great brands flying at me, I almost forgot why I was there.

I wonder how much gas the caravan uses throughout the whole month of the tour. I had no idea it was so huge, it can reach 20 km when it is stretched out!

And then finally, the peloton arrived. I was standing on the wrong side of the road because I didn’t realize they would only be taking up one lane. The pictures I have are kind of crappy because I didn’t want to see the race through my camera lens, so I just pointed and clicked.

They looked tired but still strong.


The night before, I had found some chalk in a restaurant and wrote my address on the road leading up to the finish. I didn’t think it would last through the night, but figured I would try anyway.


I biked back down to the finish, thinking I could see the podium being presented.
But by the time I got down there, everything was being packed up and the cars were all driving away.

distance (no bags) 39 45
time 2 36 26
avg spd 15 13
max spd 50 79


  1. Did anyone see your chalk writing?

  2. haha just like poor rosco’s wall

  3. I love reading of your adventures.
    How was all that free candy?

  4. thats AWESOME

  5. What, my facebook shout out of your blog isn’t good enough ? Gr….Is antargaz a chocolate bar?

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