Posted by: hlm227 | July 23, 2008

The Tour inspired me!

…or maybe it was just that I had barely ridden in 3 days, but I decided to bike far today.
It had rained in the morning, and continued to rain on and off all day. I was really glad I had my raincoat.

I rode on some of the same roads that the Tour had taken the day before, but I was going in the opposite direction.

It was really beautiful, with hayfields on one side

and a field of lavender on the other


I stayed in Bonnieux, a cool town on a hill, for the night.

distance 112 67
time 5 55 10
avg spd 19 03
max spd 52 25


  1. Heather, the sunset is so very beautiful. Your photos should be in calendars to inspire people throughout the months and years.

  2. July 26 – How is the Mistral today? How long does it last. How are your lips? Still have both ears? love ya

  3. Why the face? Just trying something different for the camera?

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