Posted by: hlm227 | July 27, 2008

Carnon to Capestang

I rode through Sete today, which was a really cool town on the water. Had a great lunch of huitres (I can´t think of the english word!)
and kept riding west.

I found the Canal du Midi and rode on that for a while, until the path just kind of ended. Its 350 years old and was built to connect the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.
Boats still go through it, and you don´t even need a license to drive one on it!
It was really beautiful.
I just wish there was a paved bike path the whole way.

The sky was amazing.

I had two days over 100 km in a row. It is amazing how far you can go when there is no climbing or wind!

I made it to Capestang and camped for the night.

dis 108 28
time 5 47 50
avg spd 18 67
avg cad 68
max spd 42 49


  1. These pictures are beautiful – the last one would be a baller ass print

  2. I have two things to tell you: (1) I MISS YOU AND (2) I AM GLAD YOU ARE THERE.

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