Posted by: hlm227 | July 27, 2008

The fairytale…

I was having trouble deciding whether I should continue west in France to go to Bordeaux, or go south to Spain to see Barcelona. There was a really good write up of Carcasson in my France travel book, so I decided I would go west at least to that city and then make my decision from there.

I rode along the path of the Canal du Midi for a bit, but it was just a dirt path and there were a lot of tree roots, so after about 10km, I decided to save my tires and take the main road. It would be fun to bike along the Canal if you had a mountain bike, but with all my gear, I was just too nervous that something would break to enjoy riding on it.


I did get to see the locks at work though, and finally got a sense of how they work!


and then….I´ll give you the reaction shot first

(it was sunny)

This city was so cool, just like the guidebook described it, a fairytale.
I wonder what films they´ve shot here.
The inside of the city (la cite, not actually all of Carcasson, there´s a much larger and normal part of the city too that´s separate from the walls) was too touristy for me but it was cool to see.



This was definitely one of the coolest things I´ve seen here.
Nothing has beaten the beauty of Corsica, though.

distance 65 91
time 4 34 11
avg spd 14 42
max spd 34 67
avg cad 63


    I know it’s bad but I am 😐

  2. You should have pretended to be an evil dragon and scare tourists like you did in Venice – you need a crazy man’s hood though (Marcia and I are there in spirit, as backup ghost gangstas)

  3. Oh yeah – Robin hood, prince of thieves was filmed here

  4. wow, they should have filmed more there.

    The 1991 Robin Hood movie and this year’s Lady Godive are two of the 10 movies total:,+Aude,+France

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