Posted by: hlm227 | July 27, 2008

There are no books in Johnny´s room…

…and there are no paintings by Van Gogh in Arles!

Little of his life there remains.  The house that he lived in and painted were destroyed in WWII.  The bridge that he painted just a couple kilometers from the town center, is still there.

Its funny how some things become tourist attractions and others don´t. There was only a dirt road going out here and it really didn´t seem like a lot of people went to see it. One woman didn´t even get out of her car to check it out, she just quickly snapped a photo of it from the driver´s seat.

I had no idea that bull fighting was so big in France.


I took a weird boat or ferry type thing, I think it was called the bac du sauvage, and rode through a nature preserve.

Even the horses got on it!


I rode to Carnon, which was right on the beach…in plot number

distance 100.25 (and I didn´t even have to do circles in the parking lot!)
time 5 13 46
avg spd 19 17
avg cad 73
max speed 33,70

totals 2060 km
128 22 hrs

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