Posted by: hlm227 | July 27, 2008

Why would I ever want to come back to NY?

hahahah just kidding, I WILL get on that plane in a month, but this day was absolutely stunning.

It started out by leaving Carcassonne, that beautiful Medieval city
and then I took all back roads (thanks to my France cycling guide). There were very few cars that passed me and the views were stunning.



It was the first day in a while (3 days) that I´ve had climbing, and it was a little hard to get into at first, but then I enjoyed it.

There was only one restaurant that I passed the whole way, and they had stopped serving food! I really wished that I had brought something with me and was glad I still had some Shot Bloks from NY.

It was either here

or here

that I thought that, ´why would I want to leave, it is so beautiful!´
This trip is great, but a life like this isn´t sustainable and I have too many people that I love in the states to not come back. So don´t worry (mom), I will be getting on that plane in August.

distance 61 66
time 4 11 59
avg spd 14 68
avg cad 61
max spd 46 39


  1. thank god! my eyes popped out of my head when i read that first sentence…and here i was thinking, heather MUST be done by now! alice and i went for a ten minute bike ride yesterday and we huffed and puffed and fell off our bikes and then said, this is definately what heather feels like at the end of the day…i dont know how u see all these views – my eyes got blurry and head got dizzy so quick; anyway, im glad ure keeping on, re-amazed and definately believe the bike will wear out before you do – holler back – we miss u terribly

  2. So relieved to hear that and see it in writing. Miss you and am very happy for you. Take care of your cute little toenails. Enjoy. Love ALWAYS, your mom.

  3. read it again with tears in my eyes. Keep on truckin’

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