Posted by: hlm227 | July 31, 2008

From ´bonjour´ to ´hola´

I can’t believe I’ve finally made it to Spain.
In a little under a month (I crossed the Italy/France border on the 4th of July), I biked from Italy to Spain.

The last 12 km in France, along the coast, were beautiful and like a rollercoaster. A French guy on a roadbike pushed me up quite a bit of the climbs. It was amazing how much power he had, and we went really fast up the hill. I should have tried to convince him to follow me on the rest of the trip.


There was no one at the border crossing.

and in only 153 and a half hours of biking, I have made it to Spain!

I biked to Figueres and went to the Dali museum. That man was out of his mind. His art is awesome.

argh the computer I’m on really sucks so I can’t upload all my photos, but I do have some up of the Dali museum.

My plan is to bike to Barcelona, and I don’t know what I’ll do from there. It depends on the heat and the mountains…

distance 54 46
time 3 26 43
avg spd 15 81
max spd 49 32


  1. Wow, you’ve ridden far!
    Congrats on getting to Spain,
    Looks so beautiful,
    I’m off to the dentist this morning…

  2. You look wonderful, my little chickadee.

  3. Hey Heather, can your mom come to NYC? She sounds awesome.

    (hi Heather’s Mom!)

  4. Hey Heather, Congratulations on making it so far! Other, Marcia and I are eating dinner and talking about you behind your back.

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