Posted by: hlm227 | August 8, 2008

I should have never spoken those words outloud

‘I haven’t even gotten a flat yet,’ I told Dirk and Mahrou.

Well, I was all set to go this morning, and I started riding when I heard thump thump thump. My rear tire was completely flat. I patched it up and noticed that the wheel wasn’t aligned, so fixed that too. I wonder if I’ve been riding like that the whole time. Then I was pumping my front tire up, but I broke the valve stem off in the pump so I had to change the whole tube.
I had made it 2875 km with no flats.

Oh well, I felt so much lighter and faster without that extra tube weighing me down.
Riding definitely felt smoother too. I bet that rear wheel was slowing me down.

I rode through a lot of industrial parts today and the views weren’t that great. I wasn’t able to find a cycling Spain book so I have to stick to the main roads.

I was looking forward to this kilometer marker all day

The campgrounds are getting busier and the people are getting more obnoxious. Last night, this guy drove right up on my tent while I was in it. I wasn’t sure if he saw me or not and was going to stop…. And then of course for the rest of the night, they had to keep locking and unlocking the car with the keyless entry, so the lights blinked on me constantly. And look at all that space next to me that he could have parked in.

They had their totally lit up. You can’t tell from the photo but it was ridiculously bright.

I don’t understand why some people even go camping. At one place, I saw a family with not one, but two televisions, so the parents could be watching tv while the kids played video games. Why do you even leave your house?
The nicest campgrounds have always been the smaller ones that cater more to tents and less to caravans and bungalows.

distance 116 06
time 6 13 04
avg spd 18 66
max spd 48 35


  1. ha! That sounds exactly like most American campgrounds! Its the reason why that when I go hiking it true backcountry hiking that you have to walk 10 miles to get to. No TVs or electricity there!

  2. Don’t forget the fancy Serrano Jamon!

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