Posted by: hlm227 | August 11, 2008

Updated Route


I am getting tired…
Two more weeks until I come back to NYC.


  1. You’re seeing the nicest parts of europe, so when you tired, get your energy by eating and drinking, just like the spanish do. They’re all sleeping when you are biking, so take you time and enjoy spain.

  2. oh and do that thing where you buy fresh bread and a tomato. cut the tomato in half. rub on bread. add salt and oil. eat.

    … probably also eat what’s left of the tomato. hey, it’s calories.

  3. yo man, its mad nice to read ure site, i really enjoy it – that pic of the wsburg bridge was sick…as were the tan lines, but in a different way – i dont think u would have been able to share ure experience in a better way — im leaving tomorrow to meet up with mat and alice and i jus got a text from her to bring my sleeping bag cuz we might be camping it – so i came on to get encouragement – i like that one line: every day my life gets more luxurious here – resources yo, and building confidence in oneself…its the home strech now – best of luck and lots of love – we miss u terribly but love that ure so hardcore man – thanks for the postcard! holler holler

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