Posted by: hlm227 | August 17, 2008


I took the train to Gijon and will probably stay here for two nights. The weather here is really nice. Yesterday it was really cloudy, and in the morning, in Leon, it was so cold, I saw my breath! But today is like 25 degrees and sunny.

I am excited to ride along this coast, the coasta verde. It will probably be difficult riding through the edge of a mountain range, but I have about a week to make it to Bilbao, and its only 350 km or so. I think the scenery is going to be really beautiful and I am glad that I will be spending time in smaller villages and towns.

the view from the train was so beautiful from leon to gijon, I was a little sad that I was not riding.

This town is really cool. There is a lot of art

and its location on the coast makes it really beautiful


I could ride it!

So, I’ve got about a week left…I can’t believe its been nearly 2 and a half months. I am definitely ready to come home!!!


  1. Ton tour est presque fini et je suis contente de lire tout ce que tu as vu et vévu ! Heureuse aussi que tu sois prête à rentrer à la maison sans la frustration de vouloir aller plus loin. Et heureuse de te connaitre.

  2. I can’t wait, either.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Like that hot new Spanish Lid you are sportin!

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