Posted by: hlm227 | August 19, 2008

Green and gorgeous

this coast definitely rivals Corsica for the most beautiful place I have been on this trip.
I went to Llanes in the afternoon, where they have this really cool art on the port, called The Cubes of Memory by Augustin Ibarrola. It was so awesome, totally colorful, and peaceful with the waves crashing into the pier.




I wanted to try cidre, which is native to this area, but they only sold it by the bottle. This guy said ‘come sit with me’ (well it was in Spanish so I don’t know, but I got the gist) and he gave me a glass of his.


It was good but I don’t think I could have drank the whole bottle myself.

Walking on rocks in bike shoes is a little sketchy….

This town was really cool, easily one of my favorite places I’ve been to on this trip.


I kept riding and it started raining, and I loved it. Being so close to the sea and the mountains, and having beautiful greenery all around, without being too hot, is perfect for me right now.

these horses loved posing for me


‘Poo en fiestas’ Sounds like a great time, I’m sorry I missed it….

I stopped at this beach, La Francia, and it was gorgeous.


I wanted to stop to upload these pictures in case anything happens to my camera, but it is taking sooooo long!
Seeing these trees being cut down made me sad. I wasted so much paper in the last job I had. I am never going to print out another stupid data site again!!!


  1. you look so thin. don’t forget about the gift u promised me. god help you if she is 111lbs.

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