Posted by: hlm227 | August 28, 2008

Last day of riding

Monday had to be reserved to pack up my bike, so I decided to get in one last day of riding before I came back to New York.

I left Sopelana around 11:30, after making sure my tent was totally dry, and rode east along the coastline.



I had wanted to ride all the way to Guernika-Lumo, the town that was bombed in the 1930s and prompted Picasso to paint ‘Guernica,’ but by 2pm I realized that it was just going to be too far to ride there and back to Bilbao.

I found out at a tourist office that there was a train that ran from Bormeo to Guernika and to Bilbao, so I was really happy to find out that I could see everything I wanted on my last day of riding.


Unfortunately, the tourist office in Guernika was closed when I got there, so I didn’t have a map of the city, but I found my way to the Old Tree


and Picasso’s mural.

I was really glad to have made it to this city. I saw Picasso’s Guernica in the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid, and coming to the town was a good experience. It really had a peaceful feel to it.

I took the train back to Bilbao and went to the hostel, where I had made reservations for Sunday and Monday. There was another girl in the room who was visiting her cousin in Bilbao, so I went out with them to the festival and it was great. There was a fireworks show which was awesome.

Coming back to the hostel, I was so relieved to be spending the night inside. I don’t think I’ve ever slept in softer sheets than what was on that bed…

distance 56.57
time 4:13:53
avg spd 13.36
max spd 55.19

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