Posted by: hlm227 | August 28, 2008

Loredo to almost Castro Urdells


This is the beach that Camping Derby was on, and there were a bunch of surfers. This is the first time on the trip that I’ve seen surfing, I guess the Mediterranean is too calm for it.

The houses here are so colorful!

I spent the night in a campground about 7km west of Castro Urdells, but I forgot to tuck my tarp under my tent. It rained heavily that night, so in the morning, it was almost like I was on a water bed, I was on a huge puddle. Luckily the tent didn’t leak, but it was cold and clammy inside…I was really ready to be done with camping.

distance 57.94
time 3:42:50
avg spd 15.60
max spd 52.25

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