Posted by: hlm227 | June 3, 2010

RED Team: Your FIRST Challenge!

Hellooooo Red Team!
First, thank you so much for joining and logging your miles in support of Trips for Kids! It is great to see so many people from across the country ditching their car keys and being a part of the Challenge!

As the Red Team leader, I will be having challenges that can win you cool gear from CLIF Bar and their sponsors.

The first challenge is upon us!

Since we are riding for Trips for Kids, I thought it would be cute to get a little nostalgic and see pictures of you all when you were kids with your bike. Biking can have such a fantastic impact on one’s life, and I want to see where all you pedaling maniacs got your start!

So dig through those archives, find a great photo, and upload it to flickr. Tag your photo with this phrase exactly so I will be able to see the submissions: 2MCRedChallenge1

The winner will get some CLIF Bars, a 2MCRed punk pin, and a choice of a pair of SockGuy Arm warmers (I know, I know, how can you think of arm warmers at a time like this? But cold weather will come again!) or pair of SockGuy socks!

Please post your photos to Flickr by Wednesday, June 9th and I will announce the winner on Friday!

I can’t wait to see your photos!


  1. So I take it I should join the red team?

  2. I will check for photos and get back to you…

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