Posted by: hlm227 | July 7, 2010

Congratulations to Kevin Bolger, winner of the Squarebuilt Monstertrack Fundraiser!

The last three digits of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Tuesday were 362. I was watching the last exciting 8 minutes of the Uruguay v. Holland World Cup match, and when I walked out of the bar, I realized that it was 4:30 and the NYSE had been closed for thirty minutes. I had become wrapped up in messengering that day, and then when things slowed down in the afternoon, got wrapped up in the World Cup game, the first match I’d been able to watch. When I checked the clock, I couldn’t believe I had forgotten about the fundraiser. I’d been thinking about this for months! I tried to check the Squarebuilt registration emails on my phone to see who picked the winning number, but wasn’t able to search through the text of the emails. Luckily, Erik brought his computer into work that day and we went back to Everyman Espresso so I could check my email on his computer.

I started going through, one number at a time, from 362 down. I had a couple hits at 347, but that was just because it’s a common area code in New York City. Then I got another result for 345 and I was excited to see that it was Kevin Bolger!

I texted Lance to make sure, not wanting to make any announcements without being positive. It was an agonizing whole twenty minutes before Lance got back to me, confirming that yes, Kevin was the winner. I immediately called Kevin to tell him the news. He was really excited to hear that he was the winner. Kevin has done so much for the cycling community and I’m so happy that he will be getting an awesome Squarebuilt frame and fork!

We raised $1600 for KIVA and I really want to thank everyone who donated money to this great cause. The money that we raised is going to do good for a lot of people. Thanks to everyone involved!

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