Posted by: hlm227 | July 20, 2010

2MC : earn points by getting friends to join!

Hey 2-milers, let’s make a big push for people to join the red team and help Trips for Kids win an extra $25,000!

I will award you 10 points for each person you get to sign up for the red team. Once twenty new people are signed up, I will award the person who got the most people to sign up with a Rickshaw Messenger bag, SockGuy armwarmers and socks, a special edition 2MC pin and keychain, bandanas and stickers!

To make sure that the people you get qualify for points, please leave a comment here with your 2MC name and theirs.

Ride on!


  1. I (nataliak) got Dykester to join, also Laurabikes (i think thats her name)

  2. actually its laurabrooks 😉

  3. flxylxy at Re-Cyclery shop signed up

    Christian Lemaitr (cyclemaniac)
    Jeff Vallon (val_895)
    Idella Hali (
    Frances Swanson (fswan)
    Brian Diecks (laurilla)
    Robert Picard (Rokatage)
    Alexander Steinberg Username Lasports2481)
    Sandra (username ssuxm)
    Steve (username ssuxm2)
    Amy Ninh (usernameamyninh)
    David Karvasales (username dk415)
    Ray Scully ((username wetwaze)
    Oliver Griffith (username Gulliver)
    Stan Bransgrove (usernamepm356)
    Tasmin Pesso (usernameTasmin)
    Nathan Brennan (usernamen8brennan)
    Vy (username vyninh)
    Gavin (usernamegavinklatt)
    Stella (username snomis)
    Josh (username joshminnich)
    Patchen (username patchenhomitz)
    Marc (username marcdavid)
    Lauren (username laruenschardt)
    Joseph (username josephdavid)
    Laura (username lauraescobar)
    Paul (username paulsanders)
    Mike (username mikeyrocks)
    Daisie (username daisiedanus)
    Sophia (username (Ilovebrown)
    Allie (username alliefo)

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