Posted by: hlm227 | July 30, 2010

2MC: How do you challenge someone?

Some Red Team members have been asking me how to challenge me and other people on the site.

This is what your dashboard looks like when you first sign in to the site:

If you want to challenge me, click on my photo next to ‘Team Leader Heatherbikes’

that will take you to this:

then click ‘Challenge’ and this will come up:

set the number of trips, the number of weeks, and the starting date, and click send challenge.  One more window will come up where you can verify the information and then send the challenge on!  You can have 5 challenges going at one time.

You can challenge other people in the same way.

From your dashboard, scroll down until you see this:

In the box titled 2-Milers, you can click on anyone’s photo to challenge them.  You do that in the same way shown above.

Challenges are a great way to keep yourself and other members of the site motivated!  It will also make the miles you ride worth more points, and help Trips for Kids win the challenge!  So reach out to your friends and to new people on the site and keep challenging others!!!

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