Posted by: hlm227 | September 19, 2011

Getting ready to go to Poland

I have gotten really used to using my iPhone in NYC for work and life.  Having a phone, the internet, your music, and a camera all right there has become seemingly indispensable.  I realized that it would be way too expensive to use it in Poland, but after a little research found out that I could put it in Airplane mode which would disable all phone capabilities, turn WiFi on, and then use it basically as a tiny computer with absolutely no extra charges.  I found a really awesome App, TextFree, that would allow me to make free phone calls to the states and send text messages whenever I was on a WiFi network.

I decided to bring my road bike instead of my touring bike, because even though I planned to do some touring and would be carrying everything on my bike, I wanted to bring what I thought would be the best bike for the race.  I found a really awesome seatpost rack, the TransIt, that was rated to 25 pounds.  It attached really easily, with only 4 bolts, and Billy at Bushwick Bike Shop said it could probably handle a lot more weight.  Billy hooked my bike up with new handlebar tape, cross lever brakes, a new chain, and fit me to the bike.  It felt so awesome to ride away from the shop that day with everything running smoothly on the bike.  I was ready to go to Poland!


  1. watch out with oplish internet cafees wifi – I would use them for banking etc. similar thing with wifi in hotels… otherways you are good 😉

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