Posted by: hlm227 | December 15, 2011

Aden Food Market found my wallet!

ImageI lost my wallet 2 Fridays ago at Erik’s going away party.  Mess Kollective was buying people drinks, so I had my wallet out a lot more than I usually do, and when I got to the second bar, I saw that my wallet was gone. 

Well, today my mom received a very nice letter in the mail that said, ‘Don’t worry, your wallet is safe.’  Someone from Aden Food Market at 351 Bedford Ave. found my wallet in the street and they kept it for me!  Everything was still in my wallet, from my cash to my 2 recent summonses from the police.  I tried to give them some money to thank them, but they wouldn’t accept. 

Thanks so much to the Aden Food Market for finding my wallet and keeping it safe!!!



  1. What a wonderful thing they have done. I will be shopping there when I visit Heather and I think you should, too.

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