Posted by: hlm227 | August 23, 2012

It’s great to be part of the NYC Messenger community

Last night was the premiere of Premium Rush and it was really great to get to go see it with a bunch of messengers.

Here’s Kevin and me at the afterparty at Lit.  I first met Kevin when we were working as extras on the set of Premium Rush, then saw him on the road a bunch.  He is always super positive and one of the nicest messengers around.
I was doored really badly back in February, and while I was on the ground on 38th and 6th Ave., unable to stand up and worried about the rush delivery I had on me for a brand new client, Kevin rolled by.  He agreed without hesitation to deliver my package, and when I saw him a couple weeks later and tried to pay him for the run, he refused the money.  It’s all about the community and we really help each other out.  We have to deal with a lot of crap when working on the streets all day and having a strong and supportive messenger community really makes the job worthwhile.

Thank you Kevin!

I still have a dent in my leg, almost 6 months later

Paint from the cab door left a mark on my tights

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