Posted by: hlm227 | September 6, 2012

ECMSR Stage 4 : NYC to New Haven

Today was not that great riding out of NYC. We saw a bunch of bike cops coming up first avenue so decided to ride in the bike lane just to avoid any hassle. Of course they stopped us and demanded to know if we were part of the ‘group of 60 crazy bikers that just came trough and almost clipped my partner.’ ‘We aren’t looking for a biker to give a red light ticket to. A red light ticket is $190. We are looking for someone to arrest. Assaulting a police officer is a felony.’ We hadn’t done anything wrong so they eventually let us go.
Route 1 from NYC to New Haven has a lot of strip malls and stop lights and isn’t that much fun to ride on. Krista is an awesome router and was able to shave off 4 miles of our trip along the way by finding shortcuts. Rachel has been a messenger in NYC and can slice through intersections and it really helped having both those skills yesterday.
Today we will attempt to keep our mileage under 160 and not wind up in Vermont when we ride into Boston.


  1. You all look so very strong. I am so very proud of the three of you working together.

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