Posted by: hlm227 | June 16, 2013

Made it to Montana!

I made it to Butte around 1pm today and Sam and Mick met me at the airport to help me put my bike together.
I should have packed the bike in two boxes, but wasn’t thinking of the weight of the bike and all my gear, only trying to get it down under 62 linear inches. The dude at the airport charged me $90 for it being 67lbs.
It was awesome having the guys come meet me at the airport. We got lunch in butte and then rode 40 miles to Twin Rivers. I haven’t ridden this bike since 2009 and it took a little getting used to all the weight of the panniers.
The ride was so beautiful and we are staying at a really nice free cabin for cyclists tonight. I’m so happy to be on this tour!


  1. Just fantastic. What an adventure you have had and will have in the next few weeks. Enjoy. Take it all in. . . along with lots of photos and accompanying stories.

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