About this blog

I hadn’t planned on ever having a blog, but after I was asked twice in one day if I was going to keep one for my trip this summer, I decided that it would be a good way to document my trip and keep in touch with people. 

I’m planning to bike the Mediterranean coasts of France and Spain from early June to late August.  I’ll be taking a Surly Traveller’s Check, camping for most of it, and travelling without any set itinerary.

I hope to update this blog with pictures from my tour whenever possible, but I am also looking forward to being away from computers for a while.


  1. holy carp! i forgot to write in your book.

    one piece of advice–if you can figure out how, set this thing up so you can post with email. just in case it’s hard to get on wordpress from remote internet cafes, having the option of using gmail or whatever instead could be helpful.

  2. Hi Heather, you said I should use this if I started missing you. Well, I am keeping myself busy with RE, Hse and greatfully have finished w/aftersch. Maybe 1 more day of that. I want to see what all the exitement is.. wow. you have alot going here. Be well, and safe. 1km =.621 mi, so you rode 70.173 miles today. I thought you said the bike was heavy. WOW!

  3. Thanks for teaching Mom more math, she’s having fun with all the conversions!

  4. Okay, with Celsius, multiply by 9, divide by 5 and add 32. So, your 33C x 9 = 297/5= 59.4 + 32 = 91.4F. ::))- > HOT

  5. Glad to know you checked out your wound and it looks good, no reddness. Love you so very much.

  6. How awesome, Heather! I was just in City Bikes today in NYC and saw your postcard. I wish you well! One day I’ll plan a similar trip biking Europe: good luck and Godspeed! ~:-) pc

  7. Hello, c’est super jolie tes photos, et c’est super ton voyage en bike!!! Tu te rappel de nous? va sur facebook “titi caillon” je pense que tu y est mais on ne trouve pas

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