Clothing Review

I took way too many clothes!

I did not need my jeans.  I think I wore them once, in Avignon, when it was really windy, but I definitely did not to bring them.

I brought five pairs of cycling shorts and that was too many.  Three would probably have been enough.  I usually washed them out in the shower with me at night and they would be dry by the next morning, so I probably could have gotten away with only two pairs.

Bringing clothes that will are lightweight and will dry quickly is really important.

I loved this jacket from EMS and wore it every day in the beginning of my trip.

In the summer, I like to try to dress as warmly as I can so I always have something I can take off as it gets hotter. You don’t want to start June off getting used to wearing a tank top, because by the time August rolls around you’ll be miserable. So, this jacket was awesome. It was lightweight and dried quickly, and had a hood for when it got cold on the crazy descents. That’s another thing to consider. Even in the heat, when you go down a long descent, it gets really cold. I usually tried to remember to keep a jacket in my front pannier so I could access it quickly.

I had these Chrome Knickers that I won from the 5 Boro Generals races
and they are really awesome.
They’re made for cycling so the fabric is really stretchy and comfortable, and they have deep pockets which is really nice. It was too hot in Europe for me to wear them when I was biking, but they were great at night and they are awesome to wear on the plane. The side cargo pockets are big enough for a passport.
Now that I’m back in the city, I wear the pants a lot more. They’re really good for drizzly days because they’re slightly water resistant and dry quickly, and are way more comfortable than rain pants.

I got this rain coat from EMS and wore it maybe four or five times. In the beginning of my trip, I was thinking it was a waste to have it because it was always so sunny and beautiful. But in the Basque region of Spain, it was usually rainy in the mornings and I was really glad that I had it.

I bought a bunch of techwick t-shirts from EMS before I left and they held up really well.  They also dry really quickly.
But looking back through my photos, I realize that there was one shirt that I wore practically every day.

This was just some random purchase from Nashbar or Performance Bike and it was perfect.  I think I had it for a couple years without wearing it once, but it was great for my trip.  It dried extremely fast, not itchy, and really comfortable.  Its made by Hind.

I definitely recommend shopping at EMS.  They have a lot of great stuff and their return policy is awesome.  As long as you have your receipt, you can return it at any time.  Their cycling section is not that extensive, so you probably won’t be able to find shorts there, but they have everything else.

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