Shoe Review

I’ve had these Specialized mountain shoes for about three years and only wear them if I am racing or going on long rides. For every day riding, I feel more comfortable in sneakers and clips and straps. I wore these shoes on my tour because I thought it was worth it for the increased efficiency.

My shoes gave me a lot of problems. Around 40km into each day, the bottoms of my feet would start hurting. It took me a while to find insoles for them, but I did and they helped a little bit. I also changed the cleat position, and the pain was less, but they still hurt. I hated having to end a day early, when I wasn’t tired and wanted to ride more, because my feet hurt too much to keep going. I should have done a couple test rides with the shoes and full panniers to work out any problems, but I didn’t have enough time beforehand.

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