When I started thinking about this trip almost two years ago, I planned to start biking at the tip of Italy, and biking the entire Mediterranean coasts of Italy, France, and Spain.  I decided that while I was in Italy, I would be so anxious to get to France and start speaking French that I probably wouldn’t really appreciate Italy. 

Then I figured that I would start in the French city with an airport closest to the Italian border, so that I could bike the entire coast of France.  I decided I would start in Nice and started looking at cities in Spain to end in.

I thought Madrid would be a good city to end in, but then I saw a photo of the Guggenheim in Bilbao and I knew I didn’t want to miss seeing that city.  So, I bought my airline ticket for Nice and Bilbao and now this is my *very rough* plan

I also want to bike in Eastern Europe if I can get a cheap flight there. 





Big Thanks to Doug for showing me how to put this interactive map on my site!
It would be really awesome if I could figure out a way to have users leave comments as points on the map, like suggestions for places for me to go. If anyone knows if this is possible, let me know!


  1. the Mussels in Vigo are fabulous!

  2. Okay, hopefully this works. Not sure about getting my own “blog”… How are you? Tried calling, just kept ringing. Will try later today. Love you so very much. MOM

  3. I like the progression of your planning. Are you still thinking about the Eastern Europe thing?

  4. oh – heres the map – good stuff man

  5. GOOD MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its interactive! what!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. We rode from Leon, Spain to Santiago. Looks like you had a great trip.

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