• Lips get sunburned too!  Make sure your chapstick has SPF protection….I learned this the hard way
  • Travel books are heavy.  I probably shouldn’t have brought any, as I rarely used them.  They get out of date quickly, and most towns have tourist information centers anyway.
  • You need less clothes than you probably think.  I brought 5 pairs of cycling shorts and shirts, but could have gotten away with 2.  Think about it, do you really want to ever be carrying around 4 dirty pairs of cycling shorts?  You can wash 1 in the shower with you each night.
  • You will definitely need some sort of air mattress for your tent.  I think I have a thermalite and it packs away in my bag really small and light, and makes sleeping comfortable.
  • I have used my Swiss Army knife almost every day.
  • Carry your own toilet paper
  • Take the time to clear the ground of rocks before you set your tent up
  • Make sure the shower works before you set your stuff up in it
  • I have often wished for lower gears on my bike; I never wished for a larger gear.
  • Towns sometimes have youth centers, where you can get on the internet for free.  I found one in Le Pradet and Digne


  1. tips – awesome!!! what does the bike gourmet have as a trip re: food??

  2. I like these tips. Is it for you for the future or for your friends?

  3. send the extras home

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